About Dorian Sylvain

Dorian Sylvain is a painter, an interpreter of color; exploring color as it influences her feelings, enhances texture and pattern and how it can be used to exploit imagery. Ms. Sylvain’s painting has crossed many disciplines; studio painting, scenic design, mural painting, decorative arts, education, curation and community planning. For the past three decades she has been committed to the creation of public art projects that expose children and communities to art making, providing a group experience that elevates the neighborhoods aesthetic understanding. Recently awarded “Arts & Culture: Connecting Communities to the Arts” (2013) from the University of Chicago and the South East Commission, recognizing her outstanding work and committed service. In addition, her Decorative Arts Studio has been creating largescale custom painted walls and canvas’ for private clients for over twenty years.

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Joyce Foundation- “The Center Program”, The Center Program  University of Chicago / SECC- “Connecting Communities through the Arts”,  African Festival of the Arts – “Afrocentury”, School of the Art Institute of Chicago – “Student-at-Large”, Chicago Council on Fine Arts – “Community Arts Development Extends Grant Program” “Infusion: Featured Artist”


African International House, Heart and Soul, Urban Magazine, N’digo Urban Newspaper, “Walls of Heritage, Walls of Pride” African American Murals, WGCI / Kraft Foods


Chicago History Museum, The Chicago Public Arts Group, Museum of Contemporary Art, National Museum of Mexican Art, The Beverly Arts Center, South Side Community Art, African Festival of the Arts, Navy Pier, Nicole Gallery, Chicago Park District, ETA Arts Foundation, San Francisco State University